Sigrid's Documentation Recipe Card

Greetings [from Sigrid],

This is a project [she has] been working on to make documentation easier in general. Even if people know what needs to be said they don't always know where to start. [She has been] working on a documentation recipe card, based on Master Fiacha's five questions and then organized to give a basic framework/starting point. There is no need to follow but it may help start and will make it easier for the judge to get what you want them to get out of it. Please note this is still definitely in draft form and a work in progress.

The following was snipped and modified from a working email sent to Fiacha... [she] also discuss[es] the three layers of documentation you need to think about. Display, judging docs, and appendix.

  • Your 30 second docs (ie your display). (If they don't figure out
  • what you are entering/learn something in 30 seconds...)
  • Your5 minute docs (the documentation to be read and judged).
  • And your 30 minutes plus docs ie your appendixes/proofs for information in the 5minute docs/explanations/comparisons.

The basic Documentation Recipe Card. (For the 5 minute docs generally but can be modified for the others.) Notes: Approximately a paragraph for each bullet point, some less some more, depending on project. Always cite where you got a particular piece of information, footnotes or endnotes, be consistent in format. Reference partial copies of texts where ideas come from, additional comparisons, further explanation of a particular detail, extra visual proofs, etc. to specific exhibits in the appendix.


  • What is it?
  • Where and when is it from?
  • How would it have been used and by whom? Be Brief. No more than one paragraph.
  • Why did you choose this project. (Be very brief and succinct.)

The following is broken down into each small step in the process.
Be specific: materials,dimensions, techniques, tools, designs, etc. (Each can be a Step paragraph pair if appropriate.)

Step1: (Just use paragraphs. Do not label 'Step 1' Step 2' etc unless appropriate to project.)
  • What they did.
  • What I did. If different, why?
Step 2:
  • What they did.
  • What I did. If different, why?
REPEAT until all steps to complete object/details regarding object are explained.
  • What do you like best about your results and the process?
  • What would you do differently/where do you(or research in general) go from here?


The Basic Documentation Recipe Card