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Annotated Nålbinding Bibliography: A-Dau : Dav-Ka : Ke-Os : Oy-Z

Here I intend to include links to other nalbinding sites.

Some Nalbinding Links

Instructions, diagrams, history, etc.

Nalbinding Email List at Yahoo Groups

The email list I started in 2000 specifically for talking about nalbinding.

Nalebinding techniques in the Viking Age

Monica Wilson's site (Gudrun Ottosdottir)

Kiara's Nalbinding Page

Shelagh's Home Page

Includes Nalbinding amongst other things.

Philia's String Page

German site Museumsdorfes Düppel

Finnish site by Kaisa Leinonen

Finnish site Mummin kinnasneula

Lady Sabine du Coeurgris

Norsefolk: Clothing: Nalbinding

Regia Anglorum