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Photos of My Work.

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My second pair of Long Stockings. I washed and dyed the grease wool and then carded and spun it. They are made useing the, UUUU/OOOOU F1 + F1, variant I was first taught.  (Dec. 1997)

Here I am at the Statens Historiska Museet in Stockholm, Sweden with a bunch of 13th--14th centuries A.D. examples they had in thier collection. (June 1999)

This is a picture of my first time participating in the Annual Pennsic Arts & Sciences Exhibition. (Aug. 1998)

A pair of mittens I made to keep my hands warm in 1998. They have since been fulled completely and make nice hand sculptures.

UUUU/OOOOU F2 (Nov. 1998)

Experiment with handspun Two-ply yarn. A seal bag I made at a Sept. Crown for the Apprentice Prize Tourney. (Sept. 2001)


Here I am at the Provincial Museum in Urumchi, China with one of the nalbound hats found with the mummies. This one is around 3000 years old. (June 2000)

After presenting at the 37th International Congress on

Medieval Studies in

Kalamazoo, Mich.

(May 2002)

At the DISTAFF reception during the 39th International Congress on Medieval Studies

(May 2004)

After presenting at the 39th International Congress on

Medieval Studies in

Kalamazoo, Mich. This year I focused specifically on the structural differences between nalbinding and other non-woven techniques.

(May 2004)

Heel construction experiments, this one is a modern heel named after its creator,  Klaus Brita. (Spring 2001)

Experimenting with the "Russian" stitch found in an artifact from Finland, 12th century.  (Nov. 2002)

Leads to picts of experiments with needle tension for smaller row hights.

(Mar 2000)

Socks using stitch and heel as in the pre-14th century A.D. Uppsala artifact.

(Summer 2002)

Socks in the style of the 4th--5th century A.D. Egyptian socks that use an interconnected looping variant. (Sept. 2002)


My redaction of the

patterned piece of Cross-knit looping from Dura, Syria pre-256 A.D. I completed the

entire piece in 3 days at

Kalamazoo. (May 2004)

Experiments with color. Possibility for the 12th cent.

Finnish fragments.

(Spring 1998)

Teaching socks, created from scrap yarn during instruction sessions to demonstrate technique. (Aug. 2000)

Heels of teaching socks compare well with heel of 14th cent AD Uppsala sock (Aug. 2000)

Bog Socks, an experiment with simple looping construction.

(Spring 1998)

Fulling experiment on my very loosely handspun hand processed yarn. These are the same mittens as above, but after they have been fulled. (Spring 2001)

Early thumb experiment on mittens of my extremely overspun handspun yarn.

(Fall 1997)

My first nalbinding. (Jan. 1996)

A long scarf made of yarn given to me for my graduation from the University of Washington. (Nov. 2002)

First piece of nalbinding used to

demonstrate the technique produces a fabric that won't unravel when cut.

(Summer 1997)

A project completed by firelight only. (May 1997)

Another pair of teaching socks from misc. yarn. (Aug. 2000)

Experiment to see if Asle stitch works for socks in my hand spun yarn.

(Fall 1999)

Attempt at producing a mitten similar to those of the Sorunda, Sweden tradition. (July 1999)

Experiment with double spirals in socks.

(Fall 1998)

Experiment with earflaps on hat due to necessity. (It was colder in Bergen than expected.)

(June 1999)

Exploring possibility of  multiple simultaneous spirals as method for striped color.

(Spring 2001)

First pair of long socks. (After hard wear for a year.) (Dec 1996)

Experiment in nalbinding with silk. (My first silk handspun.)

(June 1997)

Experiment in  nalbinding  with linen.  This linen was well beaten by the

producing  company. Lovely softness but use dust mask to work with it.

(July 2001)

First large experiment with the cross-knit looping

variant. Demonstrates increases only. (Spring 1999)

Styled after the Asle

Mitten (1510-1640 A.D.). These mittens are done in a natural colored wool but single ply instead of double. (Spring 2002)

Experimenting with replicating the fringe from the Asle mitten.

(Dec. 2003)

Worked in the style of the cross-knit looped socks from the 4th--5th centuries A.D. out of Egypt. (Nov. 2003)

My experiments with the stitch and styling from the artifact found in Eura, Finland. (July 2003)

Experimenting with embroider on nalbinding after the 13th--14th century A.D. examples in the Statens Historiska Museet in

Sweden. (Jan. 2004)

"Never Too Many Socks"

exhibition sponsored by The Weaving Works, Seattle, WA.

6 of 18 socks were mine.

(Nov. 2003)

Tri-swirl. (Summer 2001)

Testing  "Dalby" stitch variant. (Note: One heel uses Mammen variant.)

(Spring 2003)

Display at a Guild Fair in Vancouver, WA.

(Oct. 2000)

Participated in an Artisan's Display. (Sept. 2000)

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